King’s Court Madrigal Dinners

November 9, 2019 at 15:57

Ellen Rogers

Wassail! Tickets are now on sale for the North Central Madrigal Dinners 2019. Please join the King, Queen and Court of the North Central High School King’s Court Singers on Friday, December 6th at 6:00 pm and Saturday, December 7th at noon at the Knights of Columbus at 71st and Keystone Avenue for their fantastic Madrigal Feast.

Ye 2019 North Central King’s Court Singers will delight their audiences with beautiful singing, witty skits and melodious music-making as they celebrate the season in the style of the Renaissance Era.  Ye Madrigal Strings, Ye Madrigal Handbells, and Ye Madrigal Recorders will perform joyful strains. Ye Accents Choir and Stewards will serve as singing waitresses and waiters. Audience members will enjoy a delicious buffet while they are entertained! Seats are limited and will sell-out quickly. King’s Court Singer’s from the Castle of North Central has entertained their audiences for more than 40 years! Tickets are available on-line at by entering North Central H.S. King’s Court.  For more information, please contact Joyce Click, Director at North Central High School. ( 

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