Social Studies


The North Central Social Studies Department offers students a variety of required and elective courses. Students are required to take World History or Geography, US History, Government, and Economics. Many electives such as International Relations, European History, Psychology, and Human Geography are offered to students who have a deeper interest in Social Studies. The department caters to the learning styles of all students with some courses offered at an accelerated level. Students can choose to challenge themselves by taking most of the classes offered in Social Studies at either the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) levels. Teachers in all subjects work closely with the Learning Center to meet the special needs of those students on an Individualized Education Plan. Students may also take US History, Government and Psychology through the Advanced College Project (ACP) from Indiana University, which gives students an opportunity to earn college credit.


The Social Studies Department occupies all of upper H-hall on the east side of North Central High School. The walls of the hallway are filled with maps, reproduced historical documents, portraits of famous people, and flags from many nations. Students in social studies classes may also make use of the Social Studies Computer Lab to do research and write essays.

Additional Resources