Visual Arts

From wherever you are coming or going, North Central High School’s Visual Arts Program is a great starting point. The curriculum integrates a solid and comprehensive foundation with intellectual challenges and innovations. Our emphasis on student-centered education means that you have the opportunity to interact and work closely with outstanding faculty.


Our facilities rival that of many colleges and include studios for drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, photography, art history, computer graphics, faculty and administrative offices and an art gallery.

  • The ceramics area features a spacious studio including glazing areas, throw wheels, slab rollers, extruders and both electric and gas kilns.
  • The sculpture studio features a well-equipped wood and metal shop, a small foundry for casting, and a welding station for oxy-acetylene.
  • The jewelry studio includes tools for casting, fabrication, finishing, forming, enameling, and lapidary.
  • The painting and drawing areas feature large studios with controlled lighting and artograph rooms.
  • The photography lab is fully equipped with a black and white darkroom, film changing room, areas for chemical storage and a lighting studio.
  • The computer laboratory offers students access to state of the art computer imaging technology using Mac-based computers and software tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.