Mathematics Department

The North Central Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of courses and programs to meet the needs of all students. Significant course offerings in addition to the core sequence of Algebra through Calculus, AP Statistics, Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science. Students are required to take three years of mathematics, including first year Algebra and Geometry.

The goal of the North Central Mathematics Department is to provide all students with learning opportuni- ties which will improve their ability to solve mathematical problems and improve their ability to apply problem solving strategies to real-world problems. To accomplish this goal, a wide variety of instructional and assessment strategies such as the use of technology and other hands-on activities are used through- out the curriculum.


The classrooms in the Mathematics Department are located primarily in upper and lower L and M hallways. A Student of the Month banner decorates a display case in the upper atrium. Equipment such as manipulatives, graphing calculators, visual presenters, and are utilized throughout the curriculum to enhance instruction.

Unique Features & Opportunities

The North Central Mathematics Department offers both enrichment and remedial opportunities for stu- dents which include the following:

  • After-school mathematics contests such as the Indiana Mathematics League, the American High School Mathematics Exam, and the Indiana State Math Contest
  • Opportunities for accelerated students including: weighted X classes in the core curriculum; AP Calcu- lus, AP Statistics, and Computer Science; International Baccalaureate diploma preparation; and college credit in M211 (Calculus I) and M118 (Finite Mathematics) through the Advance College Project program with Indiana University
  • Summer school courses at the college prep level which allow students to advance through the curriculum at a faster pace
  • Graphing calculators required in all courses above and including Algebra 3/4X. Rental calculators are available.
  • Special Education teachers assigned as co-teachers in selected mathematics courses.
  • Opportunities for extra help are available to students through individual teachers and the daytime and nighttime Learning Centers.
Name Email Title
Alumbaugh, Jill Teacher
Arkin, Rhonda Teacher
Atha, Mason Teacher
Berkholz, Jason Department Chair
Boyd, Ashlyn Teacher
Callan, Clayton Teacher
Castillo, Erin Teacher
Cheesebourough, Joseph Teacher
Cluver, Kathleen Teacher
Denning, Rachel Teacher
Douglass, Sydney Teacher
Geile, Robert Teacher
Gosch, Kimberly Teacher
Hodes, Leo Teacher
Hunt, Willard Teacher
Kabrich, Leanne Math Coach
Kehret, Erin Teacher
Levin, Jeremiah Teacher
Lockhart, Leland Teacher
Matheis, Erica Teacher
Mehlon, Joseph Teacher
Reeves, Sara Math Coach
Riggers, Michelle Teacher
Riley, Matthew Teacher
Roggenkamp, Michelle Teacher
Sprague, Eric Teacher
Surfus, Joshua Teacher
Watson, Olivia Teacher
Wiesler, Amanda Teacher
Yarbrough, Joanna Teacher