The science department at North Central offers a wide variety of courses in order to meet the diverse needs of our students. We offer a number of introductory courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Integrated Chemistry and Physics. We also provide accelerated or honor courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology. AP courses are available in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics. Advanced College Project (ACP) is also available in Physics. An emphasis is placed in all courses on extensive laboratory experiments in order to allow students first hand experiences with practical science.

Summer Enrollment

Chemistry X-Summer Assignment 2020 (Contact Mr. Jackson with any questions)


  • 26 science rooms equipped with laboratory stations and a variety of equipment and supplies to carry out experimental investigations. Such equipment includes: microscopes, dynamics tracks, electronic data recording devices, and various other measuring devices.
  • 1 computer lab with 31 computer stations.
  • 5 mobile computer labs with 30 laptops each.
  • A greenhouse.
  • Various independent student research laboratories.


  • Mr. Steve Herman (Department Chair)
  • Ms. Michele Berry
  • Mrs. Krystal Brand
  • Mrs. Denise Cotton
  • Mrs. Brandi Dennis
  • Mr. Peter Gaudreau
  • Mr. Brian Gropp
  • Mr. Samir Haddad
  • Mrs. Cynthia Hairston
  • Mr. Jason Jackson
  • Mrs. Sherri Jackson
  • Dr. Martin Kelty
  • Mr. Alex Lantz
  • Ms. Lynn Schopp
  • Mr. Tim Shackelford
  • Mr. Matthew Skaggs
  • Mr. Jason Strom
  • Mrs. MaryAnn Tellas
  • Mr. Jacob Thackery
  • Ms. Jackie Tschudy
  • Mr. Hwa Tsu
  • Mr. Jerome Verbrugge
  • Mrs. Shannon Gossett-Webb
  • Mr. Chad Wallace
  • Mrs. Courtney Williams
  • Mrs. Chelsea Willis
  • Mr. Ron Woods