ENL (English Language Learners)

ENL Department

Department Chairperson

Judith Sponseller

317-259-5301 Ext 45338



Department Faculty

Dane Butts

Janet Eichenberger

Kelley Elliott

Traci Vermilion


The ENL department includes

  • 3 full time teachers
  • 1 full time ENL coach
  • 1 ENL Programs Coordinating Teacher
  • 3 Hispanic Family Liaison
  • 3 IAs assisting in Classes


Courses offered in the ENL department:

(Placement in these courses is based on a student’s scores on the annual, standardized- WIDA assessment.)

ENL yr 1 (one credit each semester)

ENL yr 2 (one credit each semester)

ENL yr 3  (one credit each semester)

Newcomers Class  (two credits per semester)


Basic Math (one credit each semester, builds math skills and readiness for Algebra; for students arriving with gaps in their education.)


Summer School offerings include ENL classes and Pre-Algebra Math Readiness.


Unique Features and Opportunities:

  • Meeting and mingling with students from all over the world
  • Daily exposure to multiple languages
  • Freshman ENL students are placed in the Learning Center Study Hall so that they can access tutoring help during their study hall time. Older ENL students may come to the Learning Center during study hall time when they would like tutoring help.
  • Butler University Partnership with NCHS ENL Department. Butler tutors work weekly in SIOP classes offering students additional one-on-one instruction.
  • Theresa Young Memorial Scholarship
  • End of Year ENL Family Celebration—District-wide
  • Common homerooms to support ENL students