Learning Center

The Learning Center is waiting to help you!

Learning Center / After School Learning Center

The Learning Center is an academic support center open to all North Central High School students. Hundreds of students work in the Learning Center daily and take part in tutoring sessions. The Learning Center and After School Learning Center have tutors in English, Science, Math and Social Studies, across all levels. Our tutors are teachers, chemists, engineers, doctors, and scholars in their areas of study. To receive help from the tutors, please see the instructions below.

Learning Center (LC)

The Learning Center is open to study hall students, periods 1 – 3 and periods 5 – 10. For a student to come to the LC during their study hall, the student MUST get a pass from the academic teacher in the area in which the student needs help.  For example, if a student needs help in math, the student’s math teacher needs to be the one to write the pass. The student can then go directly to the LC, during their study hall, and the attendance will be marked accordingly.

Following a tutoring session during a study hall, we ask that the student complete an attendance form. The link for that form can be found here.

After School Learning Center (ASLC)

Starting, Tuesday, August 16, the After School Learning Center (ASLC) will be open for student support. The ASLC will have tutors available Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 – 5 PM. The ASLC will be housed in the upper library. Students will need to arrive to the upper library by 3:50 PM in order to be admitted without a pass. If arriving after 3:50 PM, students must have a pink pass from a teacher to be admitted. Late bus passes will be provided for the 5 PM late bus.