Physical Education




The purpose of the physical education program at North Central High School is to assist in the development of the physical, mental, social, and emotional well being of the individual pursuant to the goals of the secondary education. Particular attention and emphasis will be directed to those activities which stress the importance of teamwork, and to those having potential carry over value for leisure time both for the present and future years.

  1. To assist in the normal growth and development of individual students by providing a varied program of physical activities based upon needs, interests, and abilities.
  2. To assist individual students in developing sound attitudes toward maintaining a healthy body and mind.
  3. To assist students in the development of endurance, strength, stamina, vitality, coordination, and agility.
  4. To assist students in developing a positive self-image through improved physical power and neuromuscular skills.
  5. To assist students in acquiring the proper attitudes, skills, and knowledge required to participate in games and sports, which are valuable, wholesome leisure time activities.
  6. To assist young people in the development of healthy social attitudes toward the opposite sex through selected coeducational activities.
  7. To assist in the development of proper standards of conduct necessary for cooperative living n our democratic society.
  8. To assist young people in developing sound attitudes and basic skills of leadership and followership through a variety of experiences provided within the context of health and physical education.