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Physical Education

Department Chair

Dustin Steveson


Health and Wellness Instructor

Barbie Kern


Health and Wellness Instructor

Phill McIntyre


Physical Education and Fitness Instructor
Physical Education and Dance Instructor
Physical Education and Fitness Instructor

DeeAnn Ramey


Strenth and Conditioning and Weights instructor
Strenth and Conditioning and Weights instructor

The Physical Education program at North Central High School is to assist in the development of the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of the individual pursuant to the goals of the secondary education. Particular attention and emphasis will be directed to those activities which stress the importance of teamwork, and to those having potential carry over value for leisure time both for the present and future years. Physical Education is a graduation requirement and students can complete the requirements by taking Summer School PE for one credit, earning a credit through participation and completion of a sport for a full season, or during our full semester class which includes a robust swimming unit in our Natatorium. Please reach out to the Department Chair with any questions you may have regarding our offerings and credit requirements.