King’s Court Side by Side Concert

King's Court

The King’s Court Singers of North Central High School would like to invite the community to a free concert on May 9th at 7:00 the North Central Auditorium.  The King’s Court Side by Side Concert will feature a number of Washington Township students, including middle school choir students from Eastwood, Northview and Westlane as well as upper grade school students representing MSDWT. 

The King’s Court Singers will present a variety of musical selections including madrigal, classical, Broadway, barbershop, and  vocal jazz music. Outstanding soloists from King’s Court will be featured. Elementary and Middle School students will perform with the King’s Court Singers on the “Vocal Selections from Hamilton ” and two classical​ musical selections, “ Branch of May” and “Siyalobola  Gola.” The Washington Township Advancement Center  provided grants to support the King’s Court Singers and special guests representing the Advancement Center will be present.

A reception will be held in the North Central cafeteria following the concert. For questions regarding the King’s Court Singers or the May 9th concert, please contact Joyce Click, director at

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