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North Central Student Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools (& perfect SAT score)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (April 8, 2015) – North Central senior Stefan Stoykov has been accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools, and 18 colleges across the United States, in total.

Stefan Stoykov was born in Bulgaria and moved to the United States at the age of 8 years old with his family in search of an optimal educational experience. Enrolling at Nora Elementary School in Washington Township in 2nd grade as an English as New Language student, Stefan spoke not a word of English. Stefan considers the greatest culmination of English learning to be the fact that he received the highest score possible on the AP English Literature exam.

“Facing the challenge of learning the English language at the age of 8 years old proved to me that I can accomplish many things,” said Stoykov in a recent statement. “By 8th grade, I felt that I had a firm grasp of the language. I worked hard, participated in many school and community activities, and maintained the goal of straight A’s throughout my academic career in high school.”

Stoykov’s long list of accomplishments include:
Valedictorian (class of 802 students), perfect score on the SAT (2400), $2500 National Merit Scholarship, National AP Scholar, member of Student Council, Spirit Week Chair (for 3,500 students), National Honor Society, Tutoring Chair, 3 of the Ivy League acceptances include full ride scholarships, and Academic Quiz Bowl.

“North Central High School and the IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) have provided me the academic excellence required to achieve learning at a higher level,” said Stefan. “The program forces you to do college level work in high school, over a variety of subjects, while also requiring students to be involved in community and volunteering. It pushes students to go beyond. Also, my Mom gives me a great example to follow. She has given up so much so that I can succeed.”

Evans Branigan – North Central High School Principal:

“As a Student of North Central High School, Stefan Stoykov has displayed outstanding scholastic abilities. Faculty members respect his strong work ethic and unwavering pursuit to quench his unrelenting thirst for knowledge. He currently ranks 1st in the senior class, maintaining a 5.3 grade point average in North Central’s most advanced curriculum. His successful transition from ENL to honors courses has been a great inspiration to fellow students who are working to achieve their own academic goals. As a testament of his academic accomplishments, Stefan has also been honored as an AP Scholar and as a National Merit Finalist, earning a $2500 National Merit scholarship. Stefan has been an excellent student and leader of our scholastic community. His initiative and genuine desire to learn will be instrumental as he strives to accomplish his educational and career goals.”

Ellen Sayles – Stefan’s Teacher from Nora Elementary (on his first day):

“He arrived on his first day to my second grade classroom and did not speak a word of English. However, what he did have were bright eyes and an inquisitive attitude that never left him and clearly helped him to get to where he is today.”

Suzanne Zybert – Former Nora Elementary Principal:

“As the family arrived on the first day, they did so with an immediate appreciation for, and admiration of, our American school system and society and all that it could offer. This opinion/attitude which was immediately and consistently evident in Stefan Stoykov, merely a young, innocent child/second grader, yielded a tireless effort and evolving appreciation for each daily learning experience and all that could be learned and a commitment to excellence that I have seen get even stronger with each new year and opportunity, regardless of any challenges or barriers along the way.”




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