Students Helping Those in Need

January 4, 2013 at 02:54

Ellen Rogers

Recently Several International Baccalaureate students at North Central High School participated in a community service activity where they spent their weekend helping an elderly man work on his home that he was in danger of losing. Students worked in conjunction with the Neighbor to Neighbor program, which is a local volunteer group that focuses on assisting the elderly and poor; specifically helping senior homeowners to stay in their homes.

While on duty, students worked on painting, scraping, yard clean up, minor plumbing, fixing doors and windows, and more.

Hannah Dennis, NC Senior organized the group of students for the project. “The project was brought to the IB students by Mr. Gulde, our IB coordinator, and I volunteered to rally the other students,” said Dennis. “I texted them with the information and they all got back to me right away. Everyone who I asked came and volunteered.” Dennis commented further that she has had increased interest from many more students for the next Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer date, scheduled for September 8.

The group of students hopes to continue to make an impact on Indianapolis senior homeowners, with work through the Neighbor to Neighbor organization.

The following are words shared in a letter from the Neighbor to Neighbor organizer:

“My thanks to everyone who helped Saturday. Mr. Sanders was delighted with everything. He now has the nicest looking garage on the street and no Health Dept citation. But more importantly, thanks to the excellent volunteers from North Central’s International Baccalaureate program, no longer will he have a flooded crawl space and rotting floors. We could not have moved 5 yards of wet topsoil without their energy. It was a good Saturday with excellent friends.”  -Dave Withey