August 14, 2018 at 10:06

Ellen Rogers


Erika Collins- Grade 12
John McKinney- Grade 9
Lloyd McKinney- Grade 11            
Paige Vinson – Grades 10

  1. Process discipline referrals in a timely manner using the Washington Township Discipline Guidelines
  2. Communicate with students the results of discipline referrals
  3. Communicate with faculty the results of discipline referrals
  4. Communicate with parents the results of discipline referrals
  5. Assist in data entry of discipline referrals
  6. Communicate with Attendance Office personnel
  7. Refer recommendations for expulsions to the appropriate assistant principal
  8. Conflict mediation
  9. Lunch supervision as assigned
  10. Passing period supervision as assigned
  11. Before school supervision as assigned
  12. After school supervision as assigned
  13. Emergency drills supervision as assigned
  14. Supervision of all home football and basketball games
  15. Supervision of dances as assigned
  16. Other duties as assigned
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