Assistant Principals

Corn school picture

Mrs. Corn,
Assistant Principal

Ext. 45310

  • Develop and Maintain the Master Schedule
  • Evaluation of Guidance and Special Education Department Chairs
  • Administrative Liaison with Special Education
  • AVID Coordinator
  • Attendance / Excessive Absence Review for Class of 2025
  • Computerized Student Information / Networking Systems
  • School Records / Graduation Requirements
  • Drug Program Coordinator
  • Top 100 Program
  • Freshman/Parent Orientation Night
  • Curriculum Orientation Night
  • Back to School Night
  • Student Recognition Program and Recognition Booklet
  • Panther Recognition Awards / Student Merit Awards
  • Student/Faculty Handbooks
  • Substitute Teachers Coordination
  • Coordinate Books/Arrears Collection
  • New Staff Orientation
  • Co-Director of Summer School
  • Modern Apprenticeship Program Supervisor
  • Faculty Bulletin / Outside Sign / School Calendar
  • Professional Development
  • Assists with Bus Supervision
  • Assist with Supervision of Deans
  • Assists with Commencement and Commencement Booklet
  • Student Pep Sessions Seating
  • Office Equipment
  • Print Orders
  • Office Manager / Evaluation of Classified/Certified staff as Assigned
  • Classified Evaluations as Assigned
  • Research, Evaluation and Follow-up
  • Student Supervision as Assigned
  • Other Assignments as Designated by the Principal
Palacios school photo

Ms. Palacios,
Assistant Principal

Ext. 45338

  • Evaluation of Science, Visual Arts and World Language Department Chairs
  • Administrator for class of 2022
  • Attendance for class of 2022 / Excessive Absence Reviews for class of 2022
  • Transportation
  • Co-Director of Summer School
  • School support groups: PTO; assists with School Improvement Committee, Minority Parents Groups
  • Student Bulletin
  • Supervision of Deans
  • Supervises clubs and academic teams, Student/Class Councils
  • Liaison with student organizations outside of school
  • Title IX Sexual Harassment Investigator
  • Senior Honor Code
  • Extra-Curricular Accounts
  • Student assemblies
  • Coordinator of Saturday School
  • PantherQuest
  • Selection and supervision of Attendance student assistants
  • Evaluates administrative assistant
  • Coordinates Field Trips and Bus Service
  • Classified/Certified evaluation as assigned
  • New Staff Orientation
  • Professional Development
  • Bus supervision
  • Research, evaluation and follow-up
  • Student supervision as assigned
  • Assists with arrears collection
  • Student Teachers
  • Health Center Services, Policies and Procedures
  • Other assignments as designated by the principal

Dr. Brian Davis,
Assistant Principal

Ext. 45304

  • Evaluation of English, Math, Social Studies, Information Center (includes Learning Center and Technology Desk) Department Chairs
  • Grade 11 Administrator (includes 10th grade Grade Level Support Team)
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Testing Coordinator (ISTEP Re-Testers, SAT, ILearn Biology)
  • Professional Development Coordinator
  • Coordinator of Online Classes (Edmentum)
  • Learning Center (during and after school) Liaison
  • IB and Panther Exploration Administrative Liaison
  • Panther Exploration Committee Supervisor
  • Panther Exploration Parent Liaison
  • School Improvement (SIP) Committee Chair
  • Coordinate Textbook Adoption
  • Coordinate Program Evaluation
  • Co-Director of Summer School
  • Co-RTII/MTSS Liaison
  • New Student Orientation
  • Title IX Sexual Harassment Investigator
  • 21st Century Scholar Liaison
  • Instructional Coach liaison and administrative supervisor
  • New Staff Orientation/New Teacher Academy facilitator and ongoing new teacher programming and support coordinator
  • In-Service
  • Assist with Supervision of Deans
  • Assist with Bus Supervision (NCHS east side)
  • Research, Evaluation and Follow up
  • Student Supervision at Home and Away Events
  • General Student Supervision (lunch, before school, after school)
  • Classified/Certified Evaluations as Assigned
  • Other Assignments Designated by the Principal
Zybert school photo

Mrs. Zybert,
Coordinator of Alternative Programs

Ext. 46201

  • Coordinator of True North Academy
  • Evaluator / supervisor of True North Staff
  • Coordinator of District Partnerships
  • Coordinate Mental Health Services
  • Liaison for Student Programs
  • Liaison for Wellness Program
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter
  • Middle School Alternative Education
  • NCTS (9th grade students)
  • District volunteers and resources
  • Assist with staff development
  • Assist with summer school
  • In-service
  • Assist with bus supervision
  • Student supervision as assigned
  • Assist with School Improvement Plan
  • Other assignments designated by the Principal

Mr. Harkin,
Assistant Principal

Ext. 45203

  • Evaluation of Performing Arts Chairs and Director of Publications
  • Grade 10 Administrator
  • Supervision and Evaluation of Attendance Office Staff
  • Co-Director of Summer School
  • Registration
  • Liaison with School Photographer for Identification Cards, Photos, etc.
  • Scheduling of Facilities / School Permits
  • Key Regulation and Distribution
  • Inventory of Furniture and Equipment
  • Custodial / Maintenance
  • Emergency Drill / SERT Procedures / Audio Systems
  • Coordination of Security and Faculty Supervision Assignments (AM and PM Supervision)
  • Cafeteria Coordination and Supervision
  • Student and Faculty Parking
  • RTII Liaison
  • Supervision and Evaluation of Cohort Project
  • Liaison with NC Archives Committee
  • Alumni Hall of Fame Committee Chair
  • Administrative Liaison with National Honor Society
  • Interschool Visitations
  • Supervision of Students
  • Assists with Bus Supervision
  • Assists with Supervision of Deans
  • Assists with Faculty Professional Development
  • New Staff Orientation
  • Assist with Business Services
  • Assists with Arrears Collection
  • Classified Evaluations as Assigned
  • Research, Evaluation and Follow-up
  • Other Assignments Designated by the Principal