Freshman Focus

Welcome to the Freshman Focus Information for the Class of 2025.  In an effort to provide good communication with parents and students you will find guiding documents and presentations to support 9th graders as they journey through their first year of high school.

Class of 2025 Grade Level Support Team

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Kristi Corn

Counselor: Mrs. Jolie Girton

Dean: Mrs. Erica Collins

Counselor: Mr. Matt Marshall

Social Worker: Julianne Shannon

Counselor: Mrs. Magdalene Gates

Student Support Specialist: Sherman Flucas

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Freshmen, are you interested in going to summer school?  Session I is June 6-June 24 (no school on June 20) and Session II is June 27-July 18 (no school July 4 and 5).  North Central summer school is in person.  North Central summer school registration begins:

  • April 11-April 29
  • Go to
  • Courses for freshmen include Algebra I; Algebra II; English as a New Language; Geometry; Health; P.E.; Biology I; Earth and Space Science; Chemistry; Integrated Chemistry and Physics; Speech; U.S. History
  • Fees must be paid when enrolling through regismart
  • Summer school times are 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Breakfast and lunch provided at no charge
  • More information on how to register and bus information is forthcoming




Online courses through Indiana Online will be offered this summer as well.  Registration begins:

  • April 11-June 3
  • Cost is $50 per course (generally enroll in only 1 course)
  • High school counselor will approve registered class (Ms. Gates, Mrs. Girton or Mr. Marshall)
  • Summer school dates are June 6-July 17
  • For more information go to

Scheduling Video

Transition 8th to 9th Grade pdf

PSAT Overview

The Freshman Conference Form (the one attached has Jolie Girton as a counselor, but the other counselors, Matt Marshall and Nita Gates will have their names and emails on their forms) is a document that 9th grade counselors will complete with each 9th grader through an individual counselor/student conference.  The information from this conference will assist counselors in getting to know their counselees and their needs.  Individual conferences will begin September 29 and conclude November 5.  Counselor information is listed below.  Feel free to reach out to your student’s counselor if you have questions or desire a meeting.

Freshman Conference Form


Upcoming Freshman Message




Matt Marshall-students with the last names of A-GEP                      317-259-5301 extension 45314

Jolie Girton-students with the last names of GEQ-MYD                             317-259-5301 extension 45327

Nita Gates-students with the last names of MYE-Z                             317-259-5301 extension 45334


Additional Class of 2025 Grade Level Support Team Members


Erika Collins                  317-259-5301 ext. 45307

Sherman Flucas             317-259-5301 ext. 45125

Julianne Shannon      317-259-5301 ext. 45200