PantherQuest 2021

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PantherQuest 2021

A Freshmen Orientation Program your student won’t soon forget…

What Is It?

It’s like if summer camp and freshmen orientation merged together for one super awesome day. Led by a dynamic staff of North Central students and teachers, every participant will learn about North Central…and have fun doing it! By the end of your day at North Central, you will…

  • Become more comfortable with navigating the building
  • Meet new freshmen friends and upperclassmen leaders
  • Learn skills to have a successful freshman year
  • Learn about becoming involved in extracurricular activities and starting strong academically
  • Get excited about starting the school year

Where Is It?

North Central High School is located at 1801 East 86th Street

How Much Does It Cost?

Fee: $15- No money is due now; the fee will be assessed on your freshmen statement (students will receive a stylish PQ T-Shirt and a few small keepsakes).

Important Details

The PantherQuest curriculum has been rewritten to allow for social distancing throughout the day including lunch, in the hallways, classrooms, at sites, and the skit.

NC staff, students, and participants must all adhere to COVID guidelines and protocols and wear masks the entire day. Except, those participants and facilitators who are fully vaccinated. They do NOT have to wear a mask.

There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day in the cafe. Please make sure to provide a sack lunch for your child as there will be no option to purchase and/or be provided food by the cafe.

When Is It?

Students are assigned a specific date based on their last name:

Monday, July 19th



Tuesday, July 20th



Wednesday, July 21st



Thursday, July 22nd



In order to follow social distancing guidelines for the size of each group, it is important that your child come to their assigned date and time (if possible). If you have a conflict with your scheduled time, please contact Cheryle Donovan. Scheduling conflicts will be considered, but changes of day for friend groups will not.

Important Note About Drop Off, Check In, and Pick Up

The check in table will not be open until 7:15am each day. Please do not drop off your student prior to this time as the PQ team will be in meetings and busy setting up the building. Upon arrival, your student will exchange their sack lunch for a name tag which will meet their small group for the day. Parents please adhere to traffic patterns created by our security team and let students out at Door #1 only. Students will be released outside of Door #1 at 3pm at the end of the day.

Additional Information for Parents

Are you a new parent to North Central? Do you have students at NC already but want to connect with other parents? Do you want to hear from the PTO, Advancement Center, PantherQuest leadership, and former NC students about how to help your child be successful at North Central?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then the ParentQuest Zoom is the place for you!

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