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Friday, September 13, 2019


CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to Ian Kraft, Brian Sagarsee and Brant Wilson.  These 3 are North Central’s latest National Merit Semi-Finalist. We are proud of this outstanding academic accomplishment!

ID REMINDER: This is another reminder that you must wear your Student ID at all times, including when you are in the cafeteria getting your lunch.   


PROJECT 7:  Want to hangout and learn how to get through this crazy thing called life?  Come to Project 7’s meeting every Monday at 2:50 p.m. in room A117. Friends, Food and Fun. See you there!

LACROSSE: The North Central Men’s Lacrosse team is holding a call-out meeting for all players interested in joining the program. Current players and those interested in joining the program should attend. We will discuss the upcoming season, scheduling, and recruiting efforts. The meeting will be on Monday, September 23, at 2:50 p.m., in room L249. Come and see why lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country! 

ATTENTION AP STUDENT:  Registration for AP testing is now open.  The registration window has moved to the fall this year.  It is very important that you register for your AP tests as soon as possible to avoid late fees or missing out on tests altogether.  Remember, you will lose the opportunity for college credit if you fail to register. Our goal is to have everyone registered by October 4. Registration is a two-step process.  To register you need to access your My AP account.  Your AP teacher can help you with this.  You also need to go to  You can find the link on the North Central High School website. You MUST register and pay for the exams in the next few weeks, don’t wait.  Students in need of financial aid will be asked to apply when registering on  Do not let costs keep you from applying to take the exams. Ask your AP teachers for help, or see Mr. Hodson in room L254 with questions.

COLLEGES VISITING NORTH CENTRAL:   The following colleges will be vising North Central: 





Ball State University








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