Congratulations Mr. Ghormley!

December 13, 2016 at 21:18

MSD Editor

Congratulations to NCHS Orchestra Director Mr. Craig Ghormley for being named the 2016 High School Music Teacher of the Year by the Indiana Chapter of the American String Teachers Association!

About the award

In 2013, the Executive Board of the Indiana Chapter of the American String Teachers Association (INASTA) decided it was time to start rewarding the hard working string educators in Indiana with five categories of awards. These categories include Middle School Teacher of the Year, High School Teacher of the Year, New Teacher of the Year, Studio Teacher of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award.  With the introduction of these awards, INASTA has been able to provide teachers with a sense of accomplishment and a great sense of pride for what teachers do in and out of the classroom everyday to make the state of Indiana the best it can be for String Education. Congratulations Mr. Ghormley!

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